A Guide To Creating A Montessori Style Toddler Bedroom

If you are sending or are planning on sending your child to a Montessori style pre-school, you are probably familiar with the basic philosophy behind the Montessori style of learning. Basically, Montessori is based on the idea that children enjoy being self-sufficient and working on tasks until they master them. Montessori also promotes the idea of filling classrooms with natural elements to create a calming environment. These principles work great in the classroom, and can work out equally as well in your toddler’s room as well. 

Start With Calm Colors

The first thing you need to do is ditch all the primary colors when it comes to painting your child’s room. Instead, you should paint your toddler’s room with neutral or natural colors. These types of colors are more calming and will create a more peaceful environment in your child’s room. Your child’s room should be a place where they can relax and feel safe; loud colors create the need for high energy and movement. 

Allow In The Light

Next, make sure that your child’s room has a natural source of light. If your child’s room doesn’t have any windows in it, see if a local contractor can install windows in your child’s room. If you need to cover the windows, use curtains in natural shades.

Make The Bed Low To The Ground

Your child should be able to easily get in and out of their bed on their own. Instead of putting your toddler in a crib or an elevated bed, place their bed on the floor or on a very short platform. Teach your child how to make their bed in the morning, and allow your child the time to make their bed when they wake up. Your toddler will enjoy the challenge of figuring out how to make their own bed.

Make Everything Accessible

Make everything in your toddler’s room accessible. They should be able to get out and put away all the items in their room on their own. Install short shelves around their room where all of their belongings can be stored inside of baskets that they they can easily reach and access. 

Install a bookshelf that is at your child’s level so they can pick out and read books on their own. Don’t overfill the bookshelf; keep a selection of no more than ten to fifteen books out at all times for your child to play with. 

Set up an area in your child’s room where they can hang up their artwork. You can hang up clips that your child can use at their level to display their artwork.

Place a coat hanger near your door at your child’s height so they have a place to put their coat. The key is to make sure that everything is accessible and easy for your child to access.

Include Elements Of Responsibility

Include elements of responsibility in your child’s room. Give them a child size broom and dustpan so they can sweep up their own floor; they will be learning how to master this skill at school as well. Provide them with a little sink that they can fill with water in their play kitchen, so they can clean their toys on their own. Give them a drying rack to hang up their towels. 

If you are sending your toddler to a Montessori preschool, design their room with Montessori principles in mind. Make sure everything is at their level. Don’t overwhelm their room with toys; keep things simple and make sure that everything has its own place. This will help your child apply the concepts they are learning at school to their home lives as well.

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