3 Learning Activities That Your Child Will Participate In During Preschool

Taking your child to preschool (such as http://www.casadeibambinicenter.com) will give them the opportunity to learn so many new things that will help to prepare them for the future. This article will discuss 3 learning activities that your child will participate in during preschool. 


Reading is something that your child will be involved in each day during preschool. Their teacher will have all of the children sit down, and she will read to them. This will likely be a book that has pictures in it, which will help keep the children’s attention. This is such a wonderful learning activity for your child because not only will it allow them to hear and understand new words, but it will also help them to orient themselves to reading. They will watch how the teacher reads the text on the page from left to right, and they will also see how the teacher reads all of the words on each page before moving on. Some preschool teachers even give the children opportunities to repeat the words and lines from the books, which will help your child to learn how to say the words properly.


Art is a great activity for all young children because it allows them to develop their own creative personalities. Your child’s preschool teacher will give them a craft to create, a picture to color, or some other type of art project and will give them the materials to do so. It will then be up to your child to use their own ideas to come up with their own design. They will also use their fine tune motor skills at the same time, as they use their hands and fingers to color, cut, paint, or otherwise create their work of art. The positive compliments that they hear after working hard on their project will also help to motivate them to continue to learn new skills and try their best. 

Play Time

While from the outside play time may seem more like a break from school than an actual learning experience, this isn’t the case at all. It is so important for children to learn how to interact and socialize with other children, and this is exactly what play time does for them. They learn other children’s point of view during play time, and they also learn how to solve problems on their own. They begin to realize that not everyone thinks the same way that they do, and they also are given the opportunity to learn new physical skills during play time. 

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