Preschools For The Gifted: When Your Child Isn’t Challenged Enough In Preschool

Children who show giftedness and talents at a young age need to be properly stimulated and motivated to learn. Most preschools focus on the elementary education requirements, but a gifted child will only find this boring, rudimentary, and remedial. A bored child, whether he or she is gifted or not, will be disruptive to the rest of the class and uncooperative in the expectations of the teacher and the preschool’s center. There are two ways, as a parent, you can handle this situation and help your gifted child. They are as follows.

1. Add Additional Stimuli and Extracurricular Activities to Your Gifted Child’s Education

You know your child better than anyone else, so it is up to you to find the extracurriculars that interest your child the most. You also have to be aware of just how much extra intellectual and creative stimuli your child can take before meeting the opposite end of bored and acting out his or her boredom in the same way. There should be a good balance between the standard expectations of the regular preschool your child attends and the extra activities he or she spends their time on outside of preschool.

2. Enroll in a Gifted and Talented Preschool

A gifted preschool helps the total child with his or her gifts as well as provide more challenging and advanced coursework for school. For instance, your child may have hyperlexia, the ability to read and comprehend multiple grade levels above and beyond his or her age. Once he or she enters kindergarten and elementary school, your child will be too advanced to wobble through more age-appropriate reading levels. Elementary schools can accommodate your child up to a certain level, but elementary teachers are not licensed or equipped to teach several grade levels above their current positions. Your child will then have to have additional in-school support or out-of-school gifted activities.

Starting with Preschool and Moving Into the Future Classroom

As your child advances even farther along in preschool and elementary reading levels, it becomes apparent that he or she needs extra support. If you have already had your child in a gifted preschool, it opens the doors for private education in a gifted student elementary school. Your child will be less bored, less disruptive, and less frustrated because he or she is first in a preschool that can help, and later in an associated elementary school that picks up where the preschool left off with your child’s abilities. It all starts with the gifted preschool enrollment.

Contact a preschool, such as Foundations Child Development Center Inc., to find whether or not this is a good idea for your child.

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